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Botanical Bundle Dye Kit

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Repurpose your pre loved garments with our botanical bundle dyeing kit.

Complete with instructions, mordant and a modifier, you can use organic flowers to give new life to fabric and garments. Using steam and resistance to create beautiful designs and patterns with flowers and leaves. 


  • 3 x Jars of liquid dye, ready to use (Onion skins, Avo, Eucalyptus)
  • A hand stitched recycled paper journal for fabric swatches and notes
  • Assorted dried dye flowers repurposed from local florists, flower farms and events
  • A pre mordanted silk tote bag, ready to be bundle dyed
  • Iron to modify fabrics after dyeing
  •  A pdf of instructions to bundle dye
  • Organic Cotton String
  • Pre mordanted Organic Cotton, Flax Linen & Silk for sampling.