Weft Textiles; a homewares, bed linen & loungewear studio dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. Our vision is to create a line of soft furnishings and homewares, celebrating both aesthetics and ethical practices. 

Weft textiles are mindful in sourcing 100% natural and organic fabrics to create small runs of bed linens, homewares and sleepwear, made on shore in Australia. This approach ensures the utmost care and attention goes into the making of our garments.

Mindful in working with no harmful chemicals, dyes and perfumes, we are committed to creating a label that that fully supports sustainability and maintains a balanced eco-system while supporting overall health and well-being. We are careful in how we craft our textiles and homewares, sourcing natural fibers such as flax linen, hand spun and woven organic cotton and 100% silk.