Weft textiles are woven from 100% natural fibres, hand dyed with eco certified dyes. In order to retain appearance we recommend that you wash your item as gently as possible on a short, delicate cycle using cold or warm water.  Avoid over-filling the machine so the product can move freely during the wash.

Because of the nature of our dyes, they are often not colourfast, Wash your items separately or with items of similar colour andturn them inside out. Please be mindful that eco certified dyes are colour sensitive and are designed to fade slightly over time. To ensure longevity and avoid colour fade, please hang to dry indoors or out of direct sunlight. Do not dry clean or bleach

 When laundering, we encourage you to use a small amount of natural, mild soap or liquid detergent. To maintain the colour we advise not to use bleach or detergents with optical brighteners.

Our linen has been pre-washed at very high temperatures to ensure that with proper care no further shrinkage should occur. Tumble dry safely on low to medium heat to keep your linen soft and to maintain its textural appeal.

Whilst our linens can be ironed, we encourage you to keep your product left un ironed as our fabrics are designed to be relaxed in their nature. Weft linen is pre-washed and softened to achieve a relaxed aged finish. Colour within any one article can be muted in places as a result. This is not a fault in our linen, this done with intention to achieve a relaxed, aged feel to the fabric.