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Botanical Dyed

The Botanical Dye Kit cover natural dyeing techniques, explore how mordants are used to fix natural colours, dyeing techniques, the use of modifiers to change colours, and caring for your naturally dyed fabrics.

The dyes used in the kits are extracted from the leaves, flowers, fruit, stems and roots of plants found in the Adelaide Hills. The kits explore various dyeing techniques including bundle dying with flowers and leaves.

This Botanical dye kit will come with one ready to dye 100% silk tote bag, a hand stitched journal to record your dyeing processes along with cotton and silk swatches to test on and put in your journal.

Please note: Natural dyes can stain clothing and footwear, so be sure to wear something old! The materials we will be using are non-toxic, but can be an irritant or caustic if inhaled deeply or ingested.

What you'll get:

  • 100% eco-dyed silk tote bag
  • Hand stitched journal made from recycled paper
  • Approximately 12 colour swatches and fabrics for your own records to take home
  • Information booklet with details on how you can set up and continue experimenting with botanical dyes at home
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