Founded in 2017 by Interior designer, Samia Fisher, Weft’s focus on sustainability and utilising natural and recycled materials is displayed in a considered offering of ethically made soft furnishings.

Adopting circular and regenerative design principles, Weft aims to create a more sustainable future through commitment to designing out waste and regenerating natural systems.

Weft's designs celebrate functionality and materiality, reflecting values that bring meaning and innovation to the interior.

Weft collaborates closely with Australian-based, family-owned manufacturers to create ethically made soft furnishings. This allows us the opportunity to have great flexibility in design possibilities and customisations, while focusing on sustainable and ethical production.

Our complete range offers high-performing textiles encompassing innovation, aesthetics, and functionality.

Whether it’s for a space, concept, or product, our considered collection of sustainably sourced textiles provide a diverse range of compositions, textures, and weaves that can be layered and mixed to create new possibilities for design.