Woven from 100% linen Weft's plant-dyed napkins are presented in a wide range of colours with contrasting coloured stitching to finish. 

Our table napkins are crafted in Australia using linen that has been hand-dyed in Tarum, a plant dye house in Indonesia.

The plants used for dying include Umbrella tree leaves that produce a black colour, mango leaves that create yellow colour, mahogany leaves that yield brown, Indigofera leaves that produce blue, and Sappan Wood that creates a red colour. By combining these 5 plants, various other colours and shades can be produced.

Unique in their design, Weft's napkins feature a contrast stitch around the edge of each napkin.

Made in Australia from 195 gsm 100% Flax Linen.

Each set includes 4 table napkins.

Email to curate your customised set of napkins!